Private Label Tea Packaging to Build Your Brand

Private label tea packaging and custom herbal tea to set your company apart.

Private label tea packaging- steeped in knowledge and inspiration. At Lapis Teahouse we strive for the highest standard in both areas. From a palette of the finest quality green tea, black tea, oolong tea, white and herbal teas from around the world, our private label tea and custom herbals are meticulously designed and hand-blended to offer an exceptional taste experience infused into every cup of tea. In an age of artifice, sharing a simple cup of naturally flavorful tea can change the world, one moment at a time.
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Premium private label tea is a luxury item that anyone can afford. When you work with Lapis Teahouse to bring a new private label signature blend tea product to your customers, you will have brought them a moment of calm, a taste of the sublime, and a chance to catch their breath as they sip and reflect over a cup of your brand private label custom tea.

A signature private label tea or custom herbal blend strengthens brand identity.

Brand your spa with unique private label tea packaging, introduce an inspired private label tea or herbal product line to your market, promote your teahouse or coffee shop with your own private label tea - we have the skills to work with you to design the private label tea or herbal brands that will perfectly compliment your business image. We partner with businesses of all size and need to add a profitable and premium private label tea product to your bottom line.

Manufacturing wholesale private label tea that works for your company is our sole focus. When you partner with Lapis Teahouse
, you receive the most exceptional tea, meticulously packaged and labeled, produced and shipped in a timely manner, at a price that works for your business.

Small business branding through private label tea packaging conclusively builds company and product recognition. Positioning your unique product through private label tea aimed at your target market results in an effective, low cost marketing strategy. It is the solution to getting customers into your store and back again and again. If your company is competing by selling other tea brands, consider the promotional benefits of your own proprietary private label tea.

Small business branding through private label tea packaging is powerful marketing!

Your private label tea brand brings business to your door.

Differentiating your product as a unique tea or herbal brand enables you to compete on non-price factors such as quality. This is a smart move for a small business because typically they cannot achieve sales volume levels to be a low price favorite.

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Stocking name brand tea bag products does little to entice consumers into your brick and mortar or online store. National tea brands are widely distributed and can be purchased almost anywhere. A private label tea will bring customers to your place of business, as your brand is exclusive. As an additional benefit, every time a customer opens and enjoys your private label tea, they are reminded of where the product was purchased.

Small businesses do not have abundant resources to spend on large marketing and advertising campaigns like their national competitors. Your proprietary private label tea blend is an appealing package and an excellent advertising channel. You gain exposure, and get the word out about your labeled tea chest business and product.

Your own brand is what sets you apart from your competitors and builds brand loyalty. Differentiating your product as a unique brand also enables you to
private label tea
compete on non-price factors such as quality. A smart move for small business because typically, they cannot achieve sales volume levels to be a low price favorite. Of course, customers will not rush back to your store and beat down the door for alabel. Establishing private label tea and herb brands with the highest quality product is essential for repeat sales.

Private Label Tea Branding Says A Lot About Your Business

A brand is a powerful tool in your hands, a visual image that encapsulates a perceived value associated with your company, product or service by customers and potential customers. As competition intensifies, small business owners are realizing the power of branding through private label as part of an ingenious business strategy.

Owning your private label tea brand is not only an alluring marketing and sales tool, it makes good small business sense. Wholesalers of private label products offer resellers and diverse others the opportunity to build recognition for their own company and product, as well as develop customer loyalty.

The bottom line is that you will drive revenue and increase profit with your branded private label tea.

Your Brand is Our Specialty.

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